The ILLIAC IV was the first massively parallel computer. The system was originally designed to have 256 64-bit floating point units (FPUs) and four central processing units (CPUs) able to process 1 billion operations per second. Due to budget constraints, only a single "quadrant" with 64 FPUs and a single CPU was built. Since the FPUs all had to process the same instruction – ADD, SUB etc. – in modern terminology the design would be considered to be single instruction, multiple data, or SIMD.
Fike Chemical
Fike Chemical is a former heavy chemical company and notorious superfund site in Nitro, West Virginia. Founded by Elmer Fike in 1971 in the buildings of a World War One government nitrocellulose plant, the 11-acre factory specialized in taking on jobs
Brackenbury Battery
Brackenbury Battery was a small coastal artillery fort located just north of Felixstowe, and initially known as Felixstowe Battery. It opened in October 1915 to provide fire northward from the Haven ports, replacing a battery of 10-inch guns that had
The JOHNNIAC was an early computer built by the RAND Corporation and based on the von Neumann architecture that had been pioneered on the IAS machine. It was named in honor of von Neumann, short for John von Neumann Numerical Integrator and Automatic
Frequency agility
Frequency agility is the ability of a radar system to quickly shift its operating frequency to account for atmospheric effects, jamming, mutual interference with friendly sources, or to make it more difficult to locate the radar broadcaster through radio
The Sound (short story)
"The Sound" is a science fiction short story by Canadian-American writer A. E. van Vogt, originally published in Astounding in February 1950. In contrast to his earlier short stories, "The Sound" has a distinctly Red Scare feel to it. It involves the
A twystron is a type of microwave-producing vacuum tube most commonly found in high-power radar systems. The name refers to its construction, which combines a traveling wave tube, or TWT, with a klystron, producing a tw-ystron. The name was originally a
COHO, short for Coherent Oscillator, is a technique used with radar systems based on the cavity magnetron to allow them to implement a moving target indicator display. Because the signals are only coherent when received, not transmitted, the concept is
SELF-SCAN is a family of plasma displays introduced by Burroughs Corporation during the 1970s. The most common format was a single-row dot matrix display in sizes from 16 to 40 ASCII characters wide. Other formats were also produced, including the SELF
Cheese antenna
The cheese antenna, also known as a pillbox antenna and a parallel-plate antenna, is a type of microwave-frequency radio antenna found in certain types of radar. The antenna consists of a suitable microwave source, almost always some sort of feed horn
Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim
Ch Nadeem Khadim (born January 12, 1970 at Okara, Pakistan is a Pakistani politician and Member of the Pujab Assembly