The ILLIAC III was a fine-grained SIMD pattern recognition computer built by the University of Illinois in 1966.
IBM 738
The IBM 738 was IBM's first core memory unit to use transistorized sense amplifier circuits. Designed in 1955 for the IBM 704, it used vacuum tubes for all other circuits, and provided a capacity of 32768 - 36-bit words. It was also used in the later IBM
The spacistor was a type of transistor developed in the 1950s as an improvement over the point-contact transistor and the later alloy junction transistor. It offered much higher speed than earlier transistors. It became obsolete in the early 1960s with
STRETCH Assembly Program
STRETCH Assembly Program (STRAP) was the assembler for the IBM 7030 Stretch computer. The first version (STRAP-1) was a subset cross assembler that ran on the IBM 704, IBM 709, and IBM 7090 computers. The final version (STRAP-2) ran natively
IBM 728
The IBM 728 magnetic tape drive was used on the SAGE AN/FSQ-7 computer. It was physically similar to the IBM 727, but with significantly different specifications
IBM 7330
The IBM 7330 Magnetic Tape Unit was IBM's low cost tape mass storage system through the 1960s. Part of the IBM 7 track family of tape units, it was used mostly on 1400 series computers and the IBM 7040/7044. The 7330 used 1⁄2 inch (12.7 mm) magnetic
Tetrode transistor
A tetrode transistor is any transistor having four active terminals
IBM 7302
The IBM 7302 Core Storage unit was designed in 1957–1958 for the IBM 7030 (Stretch). The IBM 7030 could use from one to sixteen IBM 7302s ; either individually or in interleaved groups of two or four. The IBM 7090 also used one IBM 7302. The IBM 7094
Grown-junction transistor
The grown-junction transistor was the first type of bipolar junction transistor made. It was invented by William Shockley at Bell Labs on June 23, 1948, six months after the first bipolar point-contact transistor. The first germanium prototypes were made
Digital differential analyzer
A digital differential analyzer (DDA), also sometimes called a digital integrating computer, is a digital implementation of a differential analyzer. The integrators in a DDA are implemented as accumulators, with the numeric result converted back to a
Divine freedom
Divine freedom is the concept that God has free will