Giovanni Battista Beccaria

Giovanni Battista Beccaria, Italian physicist, was born at Mondovì, and entered the religious Order of the Pious Schools or Piarists, in 1732, where he studied, and afterward taught, grammar and rhetoric. At the same time, he applied himself with success to mathematics.
Giglio Gregorio Giraldi
Giglio Gregorio Giraldi was an Italian scholar and poet
Luigi Valentino Brugnatelli
Luigi Valentino Brugnatelli was an Italian chemist and inventor who discovered the process for electroplating in 1805
Noël-Antoine Pluche
Noël-Antoine Pluche, known as the abbé Pluche, was a French priest. He is now known for his Spectacle de la nature, a most popular work of natural history
James Bolton
James Bolton was an English naturalist, botanist, mycologist, and illustrator
Johann Christian Poggendorff
Johann Christian Poggendorff, was a German physicist born in Hamburg. By far the greater and more important part of his work related to electricity and magnetism. Poggendorff is known for his electrostatic motor which is analogous to Wilhelm Holtz's
Eustachio Divini
Eustachio Divini was an Italian manufacturer and experimenter of optical instruments for scientific use in Rome
Torbern Bergman
Torbern Olaf (Olof) Bergman (KVO) was a Swedish chemist and mineralogist noted for his 1775 Dissertation on Elective Attractions, containing the largest chemical affinity tables ever published. Bergman was the first chemist to use the A, B, C, etc
Felice Fontana
Felice Fontana was an Italian physicist who discovered the water gas shift reaction in 1780. He is also credited with launching modern toxicology and investigating the human eye. He is also credited for discovering the nucleolus of a cell
Anton Brugmans
Anton Brugmans (1732–1789) was Dutch physicist who proposed a two-fluid theory of magnetism. He did magnetism experiments by putting objects on water or mercury, using surface tension to make them float and magnets to move them. He discovered the
Beth Killoran
Beth Anne Killoran is an American information technology executive and civil servant. She is the deputy chief information officer (CIO) of the General Services Administration. Killoran was previously the CIO of the United States Department of Health and