Gilles de Roberval

Gilles Personne de Roberval, French mathematician, was born at Roberval near Beauvais, France. His name was originally Gilles Personne or Gilles Personier, with Roberval the place of his birth.
William Samuel Lilly
William Samuel Lilly was an English barrister and man of letters
John Churton Collins
John Churton Collins was a British literary critic
John Crighton Bramwell
John Crighton Bramwell (1889–1976) was a British cardiologist, professor of medicine, and one of the founders of cardiology as a specialist subject in the UK
John Maurice Hardman Campbell
John Maurice Hardman Campbell (1891–1973) was a British physician, cardiologist, and medical journal editor
Mark Pattison (academic)
Mark Pattison was an English author and a Church of England priest. He served as Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford
Lloyd Dines
Lloyd Lyne Dines was an American-Canadian mathematician, known for his pioneering work on linear inequalities
Richard Harrison Shryock
Richard Harrison Shryock was an American medical historian, specializing in the connection of medical history with general history
James William Brown
James William Brown (1897–1958) was an English physician, pathologist, and cardiologist. As a Quaker educated at the Society of Friends School at Sidcot, he served with a Friends Ambulance Unit in France from 1916 to 1919, and was awarded the Croix de
William Walton Gooddy
William Walton Gooddy (1916–2004) was an English neurologist
Adriaan van der Woude
Adriaan van der Woude was a Dutch nuclear physicist, known as a leading expert on giant resonances