Gibbs Brothers Medal

The Gibbs Brothers Medal is awarded by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences for "outstanding contributions in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering". It was established by a gift from William Francis Gibbs and Frederic Herbert Gibbs.
Asemeia may refer to:Asemeia (moth) - a moth genus in the family Pyralidae Asemeia (plant) - a plant genus in the family Polygalaceae
USS Boise
Two ships of the United States Navy have borne the name Boise, after Boise, Idaho.USS Boise (CL-47), was a light cruiser commissioned in 1938. The ship was later sold to Argentina. USS Boise (SSN-764), is a Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine
Reference collection
A reference collection is a collection of objects maintained for the purpose of study and authentication. Reference collections are generally large undertakings maintained by institutions; instead of having a single representative of each object, they
Squared-circle postmark
A squared-circle postmark is a type of postmark that surrounds the circle of town and date with a set of concentric arcs forming a square outline
Postage stamps and postal history of Burkina Faso
This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Burkina Faso, known as Upper Volta until July 1984
USS Catawba
Five ships of the United States Navy have been named Catawba, after the Catawba River of North Carolina.USS Catawba, was an ironclad built for use in the American Civil War, but never commissioned and sold to Peru, where she was renamed Atahualpa and
USS Block Island
Three ships of the United States Navy have been named Block Island, after Block Island Sound.USS Block Island (CVE-8), was transferred to the United Kingdom under Lend-Lease on 9 January 1943 and commissioned the following day as HMS Hunter (D80). USS
Postage stamps and postal history of Obock
During its time as a French colony, Obock issued its own postage stamps. At first the inhabitants used the general stamps of the French Colonies, but in 1892 they were overprinted with "OBOCK", as were stamped post cards. Later in the year some of these
List of people on the postage stamps of Jordan
This is list of people on postage stamps of Jordan
MEGOGO is an international OTT/VOD service, the largest in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. It is an entertainment service with over 55 million users and a catalog of about 200thousand hours of content: movies and documentaries, cartoons, series, TV