German submarine U-32

U-32 may refer to one of the following German submarines:SM U-32 (Germany), was a Type U 31 submarine launched in 1914 and that served in the First World War until sunk on 8 May 1918 During the First World War, Germany also had these submarines with similar names: SM UB-32, a Type UB II submarine launched in 1915 and sunk on 22 September 1917 SM UC-32, a Type UC II submarine launched in 1916 and sunk on 23 February 1917 German submarine U-32 (1937), a Type VIIA submarine that served in the Second World War until sunk on 30 October 1940 German submarine U-32 (S182), a Type 212 submarine of the Bundesmarine that was launched in 2003 and in service
German submarine U-28
U-28 may refer to one of the following German submarines:SM U-28 (Germany), was a Type U 27 submarine launched in 1913 and that served in the First World War until sunk on 2 September 1917 During the First World War, Germany also had these submarines
USS Carolina
USS Carolina may refer to:USS Carolina (1812), a schooner that played an important role in the Battle of New Orleans USS Carolina (1906), a U.S. Coast Guard vessel automatically commissioned into the U.S. Navy during World War
USS Raven (AM-55)
USS Raven (AM-55), the lead ship of her class of minesweeper, was the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for the raven. Her keel was laid down on 28 June 1939 by the Norfolk Navy Yard in Portsmouth, Virginia. She was launched on 24 August
USS Raven
USS Raven and USS Raven III have been the names of more than one United States Navy ship, and may refer to:USS Raven (1813), a schooner in commission from 1813 to 1815 USS Raven III (SP-103), a patrol boat, renamed USS SP-103 soon after commissioning
USS George Washington Carver
USS George Washington Carver may refer to ships named in honor of the inventor George Washington Carver:SS George Washington Carver, a Liberty ship, launched in May 1943; acquired by the War Department in November 1943, renamed United States Army
USS California
USS California may refer to:USS California (1867) was a screw sloop originally named Minnetonka USS California (ACR-6) was a Pennsylvania-class cruiser commissioned in 1907, renamed San Diego in 1914 and sunk by a mine in World War I USS California
USS Seal
Two submarines of the United States Navy have been named USS Seal for the seal, a marine mammal.USS Seal (SS-19½), the first submarine built for the Navy by Simon Lake, was renamed G-1. USS Seal (SS-183), a Salmon-class submarine that served before
USS Mississippi
USS Mississippi, named either for the state of Mississippi or the Mississippi River, may refer to:USS Mississippi (1841) was a sidewheel frigate that saw action in the Mexican–American War and was lost during the American Civil War USS Mississippi
USS Mackerel
USS Mackerel may refer to:USS Mackerel (SS-204), was a Mackerel-class submarine launched 28 September 1940 and served as a training submarine during World War II USS Mackerel (SST-1), was a T-1-class submarine launched 17 July 1953, and served as a
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