German language in the United States

Over 50 million Americans claim German ancestry, which makes them the largest single claimed ethnic group in the United States. Around 1.06 million people in the United States speak the German language. It is the second most spoken language in North Dakota and is the third most spoken language in 16 other states.
Indoor swap meet
An indoor swap meet in the United States, especially Southern California and Nevada, is a type of bazaar, a permanent, indoor shopping center open during normal retail hours, with fixed booths or storefronts for the vendors
Avenida Álvaro Obregón
Avenida Álvaro Obregón is an avenue in the Roma district of Mexico City, divided by a park median along which fountains are located with characters from Roman and Greek mythology
Invest Atlanta
Invest Atlanta is the City of Atlanta's Development Authority. It is also known by its previous name, the Atlanta Development Authority
Beaver Slide
Beaver Slide or Beavers' Slide was an African American slum area near Atlanta University documented as early as 1882. It was replaced by the University Homes public housing project in 1937, which was razed in 2008–9
Parks in Atlanta
Sven-Ingvars is a Swedish pop/rock group from Slottsbron, Sweden. The band was formed in 1956 by Sven Svärd (drums), Ingvar Karlsson, Sven-Erik Magnusson. Later the band were joined first by Rune Bergman on bass guitar and then by Sven-Olof Petersson on
Bolton, Atlanta
Bolton is a neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, in the Upper Westside, i.e. far northwest of the city. It is part of Neighborhood Planning Unit D. Bolton Road and Marietta Road are the main thoroughfares. Bolton Academy is located here and the neighborhood
Centennial Park District
The Centennial Park District, formerly the Luckie-Marietta District, is a district of Downtown Atlanta named after the walkable neighborhood and entertainment district that surround Centennial Olympic Park. The district was originally created in 2007 by
Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat
"Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat" is a song written by Bob Hilliard and Lee Pockriss. It was recorded by Paul Evans in 1959, and covered the same year by The Avons
Inzer (surname)
Inzer is a surname. People with that surname include:Drew Inzer, American football offensive lineman James C. Inzer (1887–1967), 16th Lieutenant Governor of Alabama William H. Inzer (1906–1978), Justice of the Supreme Court of