Freudian slip

In psychoanalysis, a Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought. Classical examples involve slips of the tongue, but psychoanalytic theory also embraces misreadings, mishearings, mistypings, temporary forgettings, and the mislaying and losing of objects.
Scuttle shake
Scuttle shake is the term used for the phenomenon experienced in many convertible or open top automobiles where, due to lower structural rigidity caused by the lack of a roof, the middle section of the chassis flexes, causing the bulkhead in front of the
Norwegian County Road 44
County Road 44 is a county road which runs from the town of Flekkefjord in Vest-Agder county to the city of Stavanger in Rogaland county. The section of the road between Søyland and Ogna in the municipality of Hå has, together with almost all of County
A/S Aero
A/S Aero was a Norwegian airline company founded by Tancred Ibsen in January 1920. The company was financed by Tancred Ibsen's uncle, businessman Einar Bjørnson, and two shipowners. Despite the A/S in its name, A/S Aero was never formally registered as a
Chestnut (joke)
Chestnut is a British slang term for an old joke, often as old chestnut. The term is also used for a piece of music in the repertoire that has grown stale or hackneyed with too much repetition
OLT (mobile network)
OLT, was the first land mobile telephone network in Norway. It was established December 1, 1966, and continued until it was obsoleted by NMT in 1990. In 1981, there were 30,000 mobile subscribers, which at the time made this network the largest in the
Martindale (unit)
The Martindale is a unit for quantifying the abrasion resistance of textiles, especially when used for upholstery
Leaf wetness
Leaf wetness is a meteorological parameter that describes the amount of dew and precipitation left on surfaces. It is used for monitoring leaf moisture for agricultural purposes, such as fungus and disease control, for control of irrigation systems, and
Turbonique was a company founded in 1962 by Clarence Eugene "Gene" Middlebrooks Jr of Orlando, Florida. Middlebrooks, born 3 August 1931, was a native of Jonesboro, Georgia, had studied mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech and had worked for aerospace
Coddington magnifier
A Coddington magnifier is a magnifying glass consisting of a single very thick lens with a central deep groove diaphragm at the equator, thus limiting the rays to those close to the axis, which minimizes spherical aberration. This allows for greater
Pimelodella brasiliensis
Pimelodella brasiliensis is a species of three-barbeled catfish of the family Heptapteridae. It is endemic to the Paraíba do Sul river basin in Brazil, although there are unconfirmed records from elsewhere. This species reaches a total length of 18.0 cm