French language in the United States

The French language is spoken as a minority language in the United States. Roughly 2.1 million Americans over the age of five reported speaking the language at home in a federal 2010 estimate, making French the fourth most-spoken language in the nation behind English, Spanish, and Chinese.
Saint-Barthélemy French
Saint-Barthélemy French or St. Barts patois is the dialect of French spoken in the Caribbean, on the French-controlled island of Saint-Barthélemy and by a small emigrant community on Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands
David MacBeth
David MacBeth is an English pop music singer. Despite releasing a string of singles on three record labels between 1959 and 1969, MacBeth's only chart success was with his version of "Mr. Blue", which peaked at number 18 in the UK Singles Chart. MacBeth
Neal Pattman
Neal Pattman was an American electric blues harmonica player, singer and songwriter. Sometimes billed as Big Daddy Pattman, he is best known for his self-penned tracks, "Prison Blues" and "Goin' Back To Georgia". In the latter, and most notable stages of
Ernie Lancaster
Ernie Lancaster was an American electric blues and blues rock guitarist and songwriter. He released two solo albums. Lancaster had the ability to vary his style between strict blues, and rock, jazz, soul and pop
Gene "Birdlegg" Pittman
Eugene P. Pittman, better known as Gene "Birdlegg" Pittman, is an American blues harmonicist, singer and songwriter. He was inspired by the harmonica playing and styling of Sonny Boy Williamson II and Sonny Terry, and started playing the harmonica in 1974
Sonny Scott
Sonny Scott was an American country blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, primarily noted for his association with Walter Roland and Lucille Bogan. In 1933, Scott recorded seventeen tracks in his own name, although only twelve were released at the time
Richard "Hacksaw" Harney
Richard "Hacksaw" Harney was an American Delta blues guitarist and pianist. He first entered a recording studio with his brother Maylon in 1928, to wax guitar work backing for separate tracks by Pearl Dickson and Walter Rhodes. However, Harney recorded
Oh What a Shame
"Oh What a Shame" is a 1975 single, which was written and produced by Roy Wood. Wood played all of the musical instruments on the recording, as well as supplying lead and multi-tracked backing vocals. The song was jointly globally published by Carlin
Ardie Dean
Ardie Dean is an American electric blues drummer, audio engineer and record producer. In a varied career over fifty years, Dean has worked with the Giddens Sisters, Alabama Slim, Homesick James, Little Freddie King, Lee Gates, Ernie K-Doe, Bo Diddley
Inzer (surname)
Inzer is a surname. People with that surname include:Drew Inzer, American football offensive lineman James C. Inzer (1887–1967), 16th Lieutenant Governor of Alabama William H. Inzer (1906–1978), Justice of the Supreme Court of