Francis Lovell, 1st Viscount Lovell

Francis Lovell, 9th Baron Lovell, 6th Baron Holand, later 1st Viscount Lovell KG was an English nobleman who was an ally of King Richard III during the War of the Roses. Sir William Catesby, Sir Richard Ratcliffe and he were among Richard's closest supporters, famously called "the Cat, the Rat and Lovell our dog" in an anti-Ricardian squib. In addition to being an ally, Lovell is attributed as Richard's best friend.
William Catesby
William Catesby was one of Richard III of England's principal councillors. He also served as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Speaker of the House of Commons during Richard's reign
Viscount Howard of Bindon
Viscount Howard of Bindon was a title in the Peerage of England. It was created in 1559 for Thomas Howard, second son of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk. His two sons, the second and third Viscount, both succeeded him in the title. As neither had any
Humphrey de Bohun
Humphrey de Bohun may refer to:Humphrey with the Beard, fought at the Battle of Hastings Humphrey I de Bohun, married Maud, daughter of Edward of Salisbury Humphrey II de Bohun, married Margaret, daughter of Miles of Gloucester Humphrey III de Bohun
Robert Stillington
Robert Stillington was Bishop of Bath and Wells (1465–1491) and a courtier under Edward IV of England. He twice served as Edward's Lord Chancellor and in 1483, he was instrumental in the accession of Richard III, leading to later reprisals against him
Pierre de la Broce
Pierre de la Broce or de la Brosse was a royal favorite and councilor during the early reign of Philip III of France
Geoffrey de Clinton
Geoffrey de Clinton was an Anglo-Norman noble, chamberlain and treasurer to King Henry I of England. He was foremost amongst the men king Henry "raised from the dust". He married Lescelina
Robert Malet
Robert Malet was a Norman-English baron and a close advisor of Henry I
George Neville, 1st Duke of Bedford
George Neville, 1st Duke of Bedford was an English nobleman, a scion of the House of Neville. At birth he was likely heir to great wealth, but due to the political failure of his father and uncle, he inherited very little
James Blount (English soldier)
Sir James Blount was commander of the English fortress of Hammes, near Calais
Ricardo Bellveser
Ricardo Bellveser Icardo was a Spanish writer and journalist. He died on 29 December 2021, at the age of 73