Ferdinando Galiani

Ferdinando Galiani was an Italian economist, a leading Italian figure of the Enlightenment. Friedrich Nietzsche referred to him as "a most fastidious and refined intelligence" as well as "... the most profound, sharp-sighted and perhaps also the foulest man of his century."
Gramática de la lengua castellana
Gramática de la lengua castellana is a book written by Antonio de Nebrija and published in 1492. It was the first work dedicated to the Spanish language and its rules, and the first grammar of a modern European language to be published. When it was
Nicolas-André Monsiau
Nicolas-André Monsiau was a French history painter and a refined draughtsman who turned to book illustration to supplement his income when the French Revolution disrupted patronage. His Poussiniste drawing style and coloring marked his conservative art
Pietro Balbi
Pietro Balbi (1399–1479), of Pisa, was an Italian humanist, a longtime member of the familia of Cardinal Bessarion who moved in the same circle as Nicolas Cusanus, whom he served with his expertise in Greek. During Pius II's pontificate, Balbi was the
In Greek mythology Semachos was a doublet of Ikarios, the recipient of Dionysus' gift of wine, who welcomed Dionysus to Attica, with a tragic outcome. Semachos was the founder-hero of the Athenian priestesses of Dionysus, the Semachidai
Legion of Antibes
The Legion of Antibes was recruited under direction of Pope Pius IX's secretary of state, Giacomo Antonelli, following the September Convention of 1864, to replace French troops garrisoned in Rome, during the closing phase of Italian unification, the
Eadred Reliquary
The Eadred Reliquary was one of the wide-ranging art forgeries produced by Shaun Greenhalgh and his family, of Bolton, Greater Manchester
Jean-Joseph Taillasson
Jean-Joseph Taillasson was a French history painter and portraitist, draftsman, and art critic
Janes & Leo
Janes & Leo was the New York-based architectural firm of Elisha Harris Janes and Richard Leopold Leo. From 1898 to 1911, the firm designed and built numerous Beaux-Arts residential structures in New York City, both richly detailed row houses and luxury
Giovanni Cavalcanti (chronicler)
Among several members of the extended Florentine patrician family the Cavalcanti holding the name Giovanni, the chronicler Giovanni Cavalcanti (1381-c.1451), of a minor branch of the family but who was captain of the Guelf party in 1422, is most widely
Andrei Simonov
Andrei Dmitrievich Simonov was a Russian Armed Forces major general serving as Chief of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the 2nd Army of the Western Military District