Federal Republic of Central America

The Federal Republic of Central America, also called the United Provinces of Central America in its first year of creation, was a sovereign state in Central America that consisted of the territories of the former Captaincy General of Guatemala of New Spain. It existed from July 1823 to February 1841 as a democratic republic.
Diego de Villalba y Toledo
Diego de Villalba y Toledo, marqués de Campo, señor de la Villa de Santacruz de Pinares was a Spanish general of artillery and colonial governor in America. From 1667 to 1671 he was governor of New Kingdom of Granada – Nuevo Reino de Granada
Luis de la Torre
Luis de la Torre was one of the Spanish conquistadors who governed New Spain while Hernán Cortés was absent from the capital
Antonio José Cañas
Antonio José Cañas Quintanilla was a Salvadoran military officer, diplomat, and politician. For two brief periods he was head of state of the State of El Salvador, within the Federal Republic of Central America . The Central American provinces declared
Rodrigo de Albornoz
Rodrigo de Albornoz was an auditor and colonial official in New Spain during the period of Hernán Cortés's government, and before the appointment of the first viceroy. He was a member of the triumvirates that governed the colony for several short
Juan Ortiz de Matienzo
Juan Ortiz de Matienzo was a Spanish colonial judge and a member of the first Real Audiencia in the New World, that of Santo Domingo, in 1512. From December 9, 1528 until January 9, 1531, he was a member of the First Audiencia of Mexico City, which was
Francisco Antonio de Echávarri
Francisco Antonio de Echávarri was a Spanish colonial official in New Spain. He was president of the Audiencia of Mexico City in 1760 when Viceroy Agustín de Ahumada died in office. In that capacity, Echávarri served as acting viceroy until the arrival
Nuevo Cartago y Costa Rica Province
Nuevo Cartago y Costa Rica was a province of the Kingdom of Guatemala, created in 1540 during the reign of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. It was formed from two earlier Spanish territories. The first of these was Royal Veragua, the territories on the
Diego Delgadillo
Diego Delgadillo was a judge of the first Audiencia of New Spain, which governed the colony from December 9, 1528 to January 9, 1531
Marcos de Aguilar
Marcos de Aguilar was briefly royal governor of New Spain
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