Dominique Joseph Garat

Dominique Joseph Garat was a French Basque writer and in 1792 minister of Justice and in 1793 minister of Interior.
La Manada sex abuse case of Pozoblanco
The La Manada sex abuse case of Pozoblanco is the legal process pursued against a group of men from Seville for their alleged sexual aggression of a 21-year-old girl in Pozoblanco, southern Spain, on 1 May 2016. The case arose following the discovery of
Balerdi, also called Mallozarra, is a mountain of the Aralar massif closing the mountain range at its northern end as well as standing last in the imposing ridge-line called the Malloak looming over the valley Araitz. It lies on the border between
Pastoral (theatre of Soule)
The pastoral is a traditional kind of play from the Basque Country held in the region of Soule, France. It features a set range of characters and acts repeated on all pieces. This kind of theatre represents a dualism between the wicked and the righteous
Evacuation of the Polish Army from Saint-Jean-de-Luz
The evacuation of the Polish Army from Saint-Jean-de-Luz took place in June 1940 during the Second World War following their fight in the Battle of France, where 55,000 men of the Polish Army in France had fought
Ramon de la Sota
Sir Ramon de la Sota y Llano KBE was a Basque lawyer, industrialist and prominent Basque nationalist activist. He was also the father of both Ramon de la Sota Aburto, as well as Manuel de la Sota "Txanka". King George V bestowed on him a knighthood of the
Uqba ibn al-Hajjaj
Uqba ibn al-Hajjaj al-Saluli was an Umayyad governor of al-Andalus from 734 to 740, appointed by Ubayd Allah ibn al-Habhab
Urkulu is a mountain in the Basque Country straddling the border between France and Spain. The summit is located in the western Pyrenees, within walking distance from Roncevaux and close to the so-called French Way of St James, which crosses the mountain
Caja Navarra scandal
The Caja Navarra scandal unraveled in 2012 after the absorption of Caja Navarra (CAN), integrated in the financial conglomerate Banca Civica, by CaixaBank. Caja Navarra lost all its worth, causing its actual demise. Caja Navarra's acronym and brand CAN
Yahya ibn Salama al-Kalbi
Yahya ibn Salama al-Kalbi was sent as governor of al-Andalus by the Caliph of Damascus Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik and his tenure in office lasted three years
MasterChef Celebrity Argentina
MasterChef Celebrity Argentina is an Argentine gastronomy reality show contest produced by Boxfish TV for Telefe. It is the national variant of the television program and franchise MasterChef in which celebrities from Argentina participate. The program is