Cyclone (computer)

The Cyclone, was a vacuum tube computer, built by Iowa State College at Ames, Iowa. The computer was commissioned in July 1959. It was based on the IAS architecture developed by John von Neumann. The prototype was ILLIAC, the University of Illinois Automatic Computer. The Cyclone used 40-bit words, used two 20-bit instructions per word, and each instruction had an eight-bit op-code and a 12-bit operand or address field. In general IAS-based computers were not code compatible with each other, although originally math routines which ran on the ILLIAC would also run on the Cyclone.
IBM 727
The IBM 727 Magnetic Tape Unit was announced for the IBM 701 and IBM 702 on September 25, 1953. It became IBM's standard tape drive for their early vacuum-tube era computer systems. Later vacuum-tube machines and first-generation transistor computers used
IBM 728
The IBM 728 magnetic tape drive was used on the SAGE AN/FSQ-7 computer. It was physically similar to the IBM 727, but with significantly different specifications
IBM 7330
The IBM 7330 Magnetic Tape Unit was IBM's low cost tape mass storage system through the 1960s. Part of the IBM 7 track family of tape units, it was used mostly on 1400 series computers and the IBM 7040/7044. The 7330 used 1⁄2 inch (12.7 mm) magnetic
IBM 7080
The IBM 7080 was a variable word length BCD transistor computer in the IBM 700/7000 series commercial architecture line, introduced in August 1961, that provided an upgrade path from the vacuum tube IBM 705 computer
The AN/USQ-20, or CP-642 or Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS), was designed as a more reliable replacement for the Seymour Cray-designed AN/USQ-17 with the same instruction set. The first batch of 17 computers were delivered to the Navy starting in early
The AN/UYK-8 was a UNIVAC computer. It used the same 30-bit words and instruction set as the AN/USQ-17 and AN/USQ-20 Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS) computers, built with "first generation integrated circuits" which made it about one quarter of the
IBM 738
The IBM 738 was IBM's first core memory unit to use transistorized sense amplifier circuits. Designed in 1955 for the IBM 704, it used vacuum tubes for all other circuits, and provided a capacity of 32768 - 36-bit words. It was also used in the later IBM
The spacistor was a type of transistor developed in the 1950s as an improvement over the point-contact transistor and the later alloy junction transistor. It offered much higher speed than earlier transistors. It became obsolete in the early 1960s with
STRETCH Assembly Program
STRETCH Assembly Program (STRAP) was the assembler for the IBM 7030 Stretch computer. The first version (STRAP-1) was a subset cross assembler that ran on the IBM 704, IBM 709, and IBM 7090 computers. The final version (STRAP-2) ran natively
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