Count is a historical title of nobility in certain European countries, varying in relative status, generally of middling rank in the hierarchy of nobility. The etymologically related English term "county" denoted the land owned by a count.
Sigebert of Gembloux
Sigebert of Gembloux was a medieval author, known mainly as a pro-Imperial historian of a universal chronicle, opposed to the expansive papacy of Gregory VII and Pascal II. Early in his life he became a monk in the Benedictine abbey of Gembloux
County of Savoy
The County of Savoy was a State of the Holy Roman Empire which emerged, along with the free communes of Switzerland, from the collapse of the Burgundian Kingdom in the 11th century. It was the cradle of the future Savoyard state
Seat of Wisdom
In Roman Catholic tradition, "Seat of Wisdom" or "Throne of Wisdom" is one of many devotional titles for Mary, the Mother of God. In "Seat of Wisdom" icons and sculptures, Mary is seated on a throne with the Christ Child on her lap. For the more domestic
Aléria is a commune in the Haute-Corse department of France on the island of Corsica, former bishopric and present Latin Catholic titular see. It includes the easternmost point in Metropolitan France
Gilles-Marie Oppenordt
Gilles-Marie Oppenordt was a celebrated French designer at the Bâtiments du Roi, the French royal works, and one of the initiators of the Rocaille and Rococo styles, nicknamed "the French Borromini". He specialized in interior architecture and decoration
A prince-bishop is a bishop who is also the civil ruler of some secular principality and sovereignty. The principality or prince-bishopric (Hochstift) ruled politically by a prince-bishop could wholly or largely overlap with his diocesan jurisdiction, but
Hakim (title)
Ḥakīm and Ḥākim are two Arabic titles derived from the same triliteral root Ḥ-K-M "appoint, choose, judge
Remigius of Auxerre
Remigius (Remi) of Auxerre was a Benedictine monk during the Carolingian period, a teacher of Latin grammar, and a prolific author of commentaries on classical Greek and Latin texts. He is also accredited with collecting and compiling other early medieval
Saint-Flour is a commune in the Cantal department in the Auvergne region in south-central France, around 100 km south of Clermont-Ferrand. Its inhabitants are called Sanflorains
Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim
Ch Nadeem Khadim (born January 12, 1970 at Okara, Pakistan is a Pakistani politician and Member of the Pujab Assembly