Conversation piece

A conversation piece refers to a group portrait in a domestic or landscape setting depicting persons chatting or otherwise socializing with each other. The persons depicted may be members of a family as well as friends, members of a society or hunt, or some other grouping who are shown sharing common activities such as hunts, meals, or musical parties. It was an especially popular genre in 18th-century England, beginning from the 1720s, largely due to the influence of William Hogarth. Similar paintings can also be found in other periods and outside of England. The setting of various figures "conversing" in an intimate setting appears to call for small-scale paintings, but some artists treated this subject manner in the Grand Manner, with almost life-size figures.
Guild of Romanists
The Guild of Romanists or Confrérie van romanisten was a society which was active in Antwerp from the late 16th to the late 18th century. It was made up of notables and artists of Antwerp who had visited Rome and offered artists access to the networks of
Pieter van Aelst III
Pieter van Aelst or Pieter van Aelst III was a Flemish tapestry weaver whose workshop commenced by his grandfather was one of the leading weavers of Flanders in the first half of the 16th century
Richard Earlom
Richard Earlom was an English mezzotinter
L'Enseigne de Gersaint
L'Enseigne de Gersaint is an oil on canvas painting in the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, by French painter Jean-Antoine Watteau. Completed during 1720–21, it is considered to be the last prominent work of Watteau, who died some time after. It was
Corneille de Lyon
Corneille de Lyon was a Dutch painter of portraits who was active in Lyon, France, from 1533 until his death. In France and the Netherlands he is also still known as Corneille de La Haye after his birthplace, The Hague
Bookbindings in the British Library
The British Library contains a wide range of fine and historic bookbindings; however, books in the Library are organised primarily by subject rather than by binding so the Library has produced a guide to enable researchers to identity bindings of interest
Mordaunt Cracherode
General Mordaunt Cracherode as a lieutenant-colonel was commanding officer of the marines during George Anson's voyage round the world. He held the post of Governor of Landguard Fort until he was appointed to succeed Lieutenant-General Churchill as
Ridgway Potteries
The Ridgway family was one of the important dynasties manufacturing Staffordshire pottery, with a large number of family members and business names, over a period from the 1790s to the late 20th century. In their heyday in the mid-19th century there were
The Tribute Money. Peter Finding the Silver Coin in the Mouth of the Fish (Jordaens, National Gallery of Denmark)
The Tribute Money. Peter Finding the Silver Coin in the Mouth of the Fish is a painting by Jacob Jordaens created some time between 1616 and 1634. It is in the collection of the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen. It depicts the story of Jesus
Andrei Simonov
Andrei Dmitrievich Simonov was a Russian Armed Forces major general serving as Chief of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the 2nd Army of the Western Military District