Constantin François de Chassebœuf, comte de Volney

Constantin François de Chassebœuf, comte de Volney was a French philosopher, abolitionist, writer, orientalist, and politician. He was at first surnamed Boisgirais after his father's estate, but afterwards assumed the name of Volney.
James Anson Farrer
James Anson Farrer, best known as James A. Farrer was an English barrister and writer
Carl Clemen
Carl Christian Clemen, best known as Carl Clemen, was a German theologian and religious historian. He was a member of the history of religions school
Eraclie Sterian
Eraclie Sterian was a Romanian physician, writer, and political activist, known for introducing sexology and sex education in his country. Trained as a pathologist, he established his reputation as a popularizer of conventional and alternative medicine
Peter Jensen (orientalist)
Peter Christian Albrecht Jensen, best known as Peter C. Jensen was a German orientalist and proponent of the Christ myth theory
Udrea Băleanu
Udrea Băleanu, also known as Băleanul, Banul Udrea, or Udrea of Băleni, was a Wallachian and Moldavian statesman and military commander. He was especially noted as a key supporter, and alleged uncle, of the unifying Prince Michael the Brave, serving
Harold Dearden
Harold Dearden was a British psychiatrist and screenwriter
Shirley Jackson Case
Shirley Jackson Case (1872–1947) was a Canadian mathematician, historian of early Christianity, and liberal theologian
Gilbert T. Sadler
Gilbert Thomas Sadler, best known as Gilbert T. Sadler, was a British Congregational minister and writer
Rudolf Steck
Johann Rudolf Julius Steck was a Swiss reformed theologian and writer
Louis Hautecœur
Louis-Eugène-Georges Hautecœur was a French art historian and museum conservator