Christian Coalition of America

The Christian Coalition of America (CCA), a 501(c)(4) organization, is the successor to the original Christian Coalition created in 1987 by religious broadcaster and former presidential candidate Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson. This US Christian advocacy group includes members of various Christian denominations, including Baptists (50%), mainline Protestants (25%), Roman Catholics (16%), Pentecostals, among communicants of other churches.
List of quiet storm songs
This is a list of songs associated with the quiet storm radio format, widely heard in the United States starting in 1976 as a form of early evening/late night easy listening music aimed at a sophisticated African American audience. Quiet storm radio
Washboard Willie
William Paden Hensley, known as Washboard Willie, was an American Detroit blues musician, who specialised in playing the washboard. He recorded tracks including "A Fool on a Mule in the Middle of The Road" plus "Cherry Red Blues", and worked variously
Little Sonny
Little Sonny is an American electric blues harmonica player, singer and songwriter. His early mentor and inspiration was Sonny Boy Williamson II. Nevertheless, Little Sonny stated that his nickname was originated by his mother: "[She] called me 'Sonny boy
Nur Artıran
Nur Artıran is a researcher, writer, scholar and educator on the path of Rumi. Her Sufi Master was Şefik Can of whom she is the successor. She is the President of the Şefik Can International Mevlânâ Education and Culture Foundation
Geier (surname)
Geier is a common surname in Germany and somewhat less common among German-American people. It is also found as a French surname, and as Russian surname. The latter probably is associated with German emigration to Russia in the 17th and 18th centuries
Parlor Hawk
Parlor Hawk is an American indie rock band founded in 2009 by award-winning designer Andrew Clifford Capener
It's a Bit Complicated
It's a Bit Complicated is the second album by British band Art Brut. It is the follow-up to their debut album Bang Bang Rock & Roll and was released on 19 June 2007. It debuted on the UK Albums Chart at #123
Hervé Barmasse
Hervé Barmasse is an Italian alpinist. He began his career as a mountaineer on his home mountain, the Matterhorn, climbing new routes and repeating various prestigious ones
The Rise and Fall of the Christian Coalition
The Rise and Fall of the Christian Coalition is Joel D. Vaughan's insider's history of the organization. Released by Wipf & Stock in 2009, Vaughan's is the only history of the organization that received much credit for the 1994 Republican takeover of both
Robert Grierson (missionary)
Robert G. Grierson was a Canadian medical doctor, Presbyterian missionary, and educator who worked in Korea for thirty-six years. He is also known by his Korean name, 구례선. Grierson performed his missionary works in the Sung-jin and Ham-heung area