Carlos Bernard

Carlos Bernard Papierski is an American actor and director, best known for his role as Tony Almeida in 24, which he played from 2001 to 2006, and then reprised again in 2009, 2014 in 24: Solitary and 2017 in 24: Legacy. He received a fine arts degree from American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco after receiving an undergraduate degree from Illinois State University.
History of Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto
History of Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival is primarily the history of Caribana, given it used the name for most of its original years.History of Caribana (1967–71
Trying Times
Trying Times was a Canadian-American co-production anthology comedy television series produced by KCET, and aired on the PBS television network. The series lasted only two seasons, 1987 to 1989, but was the first original comedy on PBS. The series was co
That Scatterbrain Booky
That Scatterbrain Booky is a 1981 novel by Bernice Thurman Hunter. It was the first in a trilogy
Kris Pearn
Kris Pearn is an animation director and producer. He has directed films such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and The Willoughbys (2020
General Kinetics Engineering Corporation
Canada's General Kinetics Engineering Corporation designs and manufactures components for military and other tracked vehicles and high-speed rail
Peel-Elder Limited
Peel-Elder Limited is a mining company that went into the real estate development industry in the late-1960s, with the Peel Village development in Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Etobicoke Hall of Fame
Etobicoke Hall of Fame is a civic hall of fame in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It began as a project of Etobicoke, a borough of Metropolitan Toronto. Etobicoke is now part of the larger city of Toronto. The project has been continued by the City of Toronto
Brampton High School
Brampton High School was a high school in Brampton, Ontario, Canada established in 1877, to accommodate the older students of Central Public and Grammar School. The photo from PAMA shows the main front doors; left doors for the boys, right doors for the
Marcelle Barthe
Marcelle Barthe was a Canadian radio personality and writer
Brittain Brown
Brittain Brown is an American football running back for the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League. He played college football for the UCLA Bruins. During the 2021 season, he and Zach Charbonnet shared the Bruins' rushing duties in a two-back