Canon Inc.

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan, specializing in optical, imaging, and industrial products, such as lenses, cameras, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
CR Snow
CR Snow is a brewing company with its headquarters in Beijing, China. Originally known as Shenyang Snow Beer Company before acquired by China Resources Enterprise, it was a joint venture between China Resources Enterprise and the UK based multinational
Broad & Bright
Broad & Bright is a corporate law firm headquartered in Beijing, China. It currently has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Los Angeles
Saskatchewan Highway 636
Highway 636 is a highway in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It runs from Highway 22 near Spy Hill for a distance of 23.9 kilometres (14.9 mi) to Sk 16, the Yellowhead near
AgPro Industrial, Saskatoon
AgPro Industrial is a small industrial subdivision located in west Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Located in the Confederation SDA along 11th Street West and nestled between the residential communities of Fairhaven and Montgomery Place. 11th Street
1981 United Kingdom budget
The 1981 United Kingdom budget was delivered by Geoffrey Howe, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, to the House of Commons on 10 March 1981. It was Geoffrey Howe's second budget and the second of the first Thatcher ministry. The budget represented a
Prairie Valley School Division
Prairie Valley School Division No. 208 comprises 38 schools in 30 communities. Prairie Valley SD belongs to Region 4, Regina along with Holy Trinity R.C.S.S.D No. 22, Prairie South School Division No. 210, Regina School Division No. 4, and Regina R.C.S.S
Ronald Hinchcliffe
Professor Ronald Hinchcliffe was a British audiovestibular physician and academic. He was a founding father of the speciality of audiological (audiovestibular) medicine, the systematic scientific study of disorders of hearing and balance
Dongnanjiao Island("东南礁") is located in the northeast corner of Zhoushanqundao ,76 km from Shengsi County, and is part of the Shengsi County of Zhoushan city. Dongnanjiao is the baseline point of the Chinese territorial sea
Donald Jeffries
Professor Donald Jeffries was a British virologist and academic. He was a leading expert on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes AIDS
France Bleu Pays de Savoie
France Bleu Pays de Savoie, sometimes referred to as France Bleu Savoie, is a generalist radio station based in Chambéry. The radio station serves the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, though it can also be received as far as Geneva, Lyon, and in