Auctor is Latin for author or originator. The term is used in Scholasticism for a "renowned scholar", and in biological taxonomy for the scientist describing a species or other taxon (auctorum). The term is widely replaced by author in English-language works.
Angela Kwok
Angela Kwok was a community champion for the Chinese community in Cardiff, Wales. From the 1970s to 2000s she helped isolated Chinese people in South Wales through founding societies and organising social events and translation services. In 2020 a Purple
Rosane Quintella
Rosane Quintella was a botanical artist and teacher from Brazil
Diane Gilpin
Diane Gilpin is the founder and CEO of the Smart Green Shipping Alliance that aims to make UK shipping more sustainable through using renewable energy for propulsion. She has previously worked in marketing and technology transfer in telecoms, banking and
Jenny Brasier
Jenny Brasier was a botanical artist and book illustrator
Carly Stevens
Carly Stevens is a professor of plant ecology and soil biogeochemistry at University of Lancaster, UK. Her work focuses on how changes in the atmospheric nitrogen cycle affect plant communities, particularly grasslands
British Phycological Society
The British Phycological Society, founded in 1952, is a learned society based in the United Kingdom promoting the study of algae. Members interests include all aspects of the study of algae, including both natural biodiversity and applied uses. It is the
Joyce Shrubbs
Joyce Shrubbs joined the British military Royal Observer Corps in 1944 and retired in 1992 as its Assistant Commandant with the rank of Observer Captain. She was the only woman officer to ever hold this senior rank in the organization
Charlotte Price White
Charlotte Price White was a leading member of the North Wales Suffragist movement, local councillor and among the first British members of the Women's Institute
Liz Seward
Elizabeth Seward is Senior Strategist at Space Systems for Airbus. She has worked on several projects during her career including meteorological satellites and landers for missions to Mars and a comet. She is also involved with programmes supporting
Gigi Crompton
Gigi Crompton (1922-2020) was an American-British art conservator, botanist and author. She restored paintings for the Fogg Museum at Harvard in the USA and National and Walker art galleries in Britain. She later became involved with botany and plant