Asaph Hall

Asaph Hall III was an American astronomer who is best known for having discovered the two moons of Mars, Deimos and Phobos, in 1877. He determined the orbits of satellites of other planets and of double stars, the rotation of Saturn, and the mass of Mars.
Angeline Stickney
Chloe Angeline Stickney Hall was an American academic, suffragist, and mathematician. She was a teacher and later the wife of astronomer Asaph Hall. She did not use her first name and so was known as Angeline Stickney Hall. Stickney, the largest crater on
Pam Fredman
Pam Fredman is a Swedish professor of neuroscience and former rector of the University of Gothenburg. From 2016, Fredman is the President of the International Association of
James Burke (space engineer)
James D. Burke is an American lunar settlement and exploration expert. He is known for being the first manager of the Ranger program, and considered one of the pioneers of America's space
Lisa Graff
Lisa Colleen Graff is an American teen and children's book writer. Her books have been included in state awards lists and best books of the years lists
Dee O'Hara
Dolores B. "Dee" O'Hara was the first aerospace nurse to NASA's first astronauts, laying the foundation to the field of Space nursing. O'Hara was the official nurse to the Mercury Seven astronauts and their families, continuing to support the Gemini
BGUSAT is an Israeli research CubeSat built by the IAI and Ben Gurion University
Federal Civil Defense Authority
The Federal Civil Defense Authority was established in the United States Department of Defense (DOD), by DOD Directive 5105.43, May 5, 1972
Aviva Gileadi
Aviva E. Gileadi was an Israeli nuclear scientist, a professor at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) in the department of Nuclear Engineering. She was a specialist in the use of Nuclear reactors for energy production and Desalination. She was
Katherine Monbiot
Katherine Monbiot (1964–1997) was an English former World Champion armwrestler, active vegan and dietary nutritionist. In 1993, she was the women World Champion for armwrestling in 55 kg, right hand category
Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim
Ch Nadeem Khadim (born January 12, 1970 at Okara, Pakistan is a Pakistani politician and Member of the Pujab Assembly