Antoine Quentin Fouquier-Tinville

Antoine Quentin Fouquier de Tinville was a French lawyer and public prosecutor during the French Revolution and Reign of Terror.
Étienne Clavière
Étienne Clavière was a Genevan-born French financier and politician of the French Revolution
Louis Pierre Manuel
Louis Pierre Manuel was a republican French writer, municipal administrator of the police, and public prosecutor during the French Revolution who was arrested, trialled and guillotined
François Buzot
François Nicolas Léonard Buzot was a French politician and leader of the French Revolution
Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray
Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray was a French novelist, playwright, journalist, politician, and diplomat
Pierre-Louis Bentabole
Pierre Louis Bentabole was a revolutionary Frenchman, born in Landau Haut Rhin on 4 June 1756 and died in Paris on 22 April 1798. As lawyer, he presided practiced in the district of Hagenau and Saverne; he was deputy of the Bas-Rhin to the National
Edmond Louis Alexis Dubois-Crancé
Edmond Louis Alexis Dubois-Crancé was a French musketeer, general, and revolutionary politician who served for a few months as minister of war
Armand Louis de Gontaut
Armand Louis de Gontaut, duc de Lauzun, later duc de Biron, and usually referred to by historians of the French Revolution simply as Biron was a French soldier and politician, known for the part he played in the American War of Independence and the French
Udrea Băleanu
Udrea Băleanu, also known as Băleanul, Banul Udrea, or Udrea of Băleni, was a Wallachian and Moldavian statesman and military commander. He was especially noted as a key supporter, and alleged uncle, of the unifying Prince Michael the Brave, serving
Jean-Lambert Tallien
Jean-Lambert Tallien was a French politician of the revolutionary period. Though initially an active agent of the Reign of Terror, he eventually clashed with its leader, Maximilien Robespierre, and is best known as one of the key figures of the
Margaret Leshikar-Denton
Margaret E. "Peggy" Leshikar-Denton is an archaeologist specialising in underwater archaeology, and director of the Cayman Islands National Museum