Anti-French sentiment in the United States

Anti-French sentiment in the United States has consisted of unfavorable estimations of the French government, culture, language or people of France by people in the United States of America spurred on by media and government leaders.
Khaled Kelkal
Khaled Kelkal was a French and Algerian terrorist affiliated with the GIA. He was involved in the 1995 terror bombings in France
Didier Julia
Didier Julia is a French politician. He was in 2007 representing the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) from Seine-et-Marne in the French National Assembly, a post he has held from 1967. He is mainly known for his interference in liberation operations of
Athleta Christi
Athleta Christi was a class of Early Christian soldier martyrs or military saints, of whom the most familiar example is probably Saint Sebastian. It also could be used to refer to Christians with exemplary martial prowess, especially when fighting against
Tunagate was a 1985 Canadian political scandal involving large quantities of tuna that had been declared unfit for human consumption that were sold to the public under order of the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, John Fraser
John E. Scharsmith
John E. Scharsmith was an American architect of Swiss extraction with a practice in New York City. Having served with a New York regiment in the American Civil War, by the turn of the 20th century, with offices at 1 Madison Avenue, he was responsible for
Artin Dadyan Pasha
Artin Dadyan Pasha was Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the Ottoman Empire from 1880 until 1901, one of the highest ranking Armenians in the Ottoman state
Clarence Stanley Fisher
Clarence Stanley Fisher, known as C. S. Fisher, was an American archaeologist
Pierre Macret
Pierre Macret (1727–1806) was a well-known Parisian cabinetmaker (ébéniste). At the death of the widow of Jean-Pierre Latz in December 1756, he received Latz' court warrant as marchand-ébéniste privilégié du Roi suivant la Cour,, a brevet that
Claude Bertin
Claude Bertin was a French sculptor, who was part of the highly trained team that supplied sculptures for Versailles. His monumental marble vases, following the type of the Borghese Vase, with rich bas-reliefs of fruit, swags of ivy or friezes of
List of villages in Purba Bardhaman district
This is an alphabetical list of villages in Purba Bardhaman district, West Bengal, India