Animalia (book)

Animalia is an illustrated children's book by Graeme Base. It was originally published in 1986, followed by a tenth anniversary edition in 1996, and a 25th anniversary edition in 2012. Over four million copies have been sold worldwide. A special numbered and signed anniversary edition was also published in 1996, with an embossed gold jacket.
USS Ohio
USS Ohio may refer to:USS Ohio (1812) was a schooner on Lake Erie during the War of 1812 in commission from 1813 to 1814, captured by British and renamed as HMS Huron USS Ohio (1820) was a ship of the line, launched in 1820 and in commission as a
The gymnosphaerids are a small group of heliozoan protists found in marine environments. They tend to be roughly spherical with radially directed axopods, supported by microtubules in a triangular-hexagonal array arising from an amorphous central granule
John van Melle
John van Melle was the pen name of a Dutch-born South African author. His real name was Johannes van Melle
Order Desmothoracida, the desmothoracids, are a group of heliozoan protists, usually sessile and found in freshwater environments. The adult is a spherical cell around 10-20 μm in diameter surrounded by a perforated organic lorica, or shell, with many
The Alexandrists were a school of Renaissance philosophers who, in the great controversy on the subject of personal immortality, adopted the explanation of the De Anima given by Alexander of Aphrodisias
The Percolozoa are a group of colourless, non-photosynthetic Excavata, including many that can transform between amoeboid, flagellate, and cyst stages
Twist (poker)
Twist is poker jargon for a round with specific rules which is sometimes used in the poker variant stud poker
Compound turbine
A compound turbine is a steam turbine in which there are two casings, a high-pressure casing and a low-pressure casing, operating in concert to extract work from a single source of steam. The steam is partially expanded in the high-pressure casing, then
Starting hand
In poker, a starting hand is the initial set of cards dealt to a player before any voluntary betting takes place. For example, in seven-card stud this is two downcards and one upcard, in Texas hold 'em it is two downcards, and in five-card draw it is five
The Black String (film)
The Black String is a 2018 American psychological horror-thriller film created by Brian Hanson and Richard Handley, starring Frankie Muniz, Blake Webb, Chelsea Edmundson, Richard Handley, Cullen Douglas, Colby French, Laura Richardson, and Mary K. DeVault