Angolan Armed Forces

The Angolan Armed Forces or FAA is the military of Angola. The FAA include the General Staff of the Armed Forces and three components: the Army (Exército), the Navy and the National Air Force. Reported total manpower in 2013 was about 107,000. The FAA is headed by the Chief of the General Staff António Egídio de Sousa Santos since 2018, who reports to the Minister of National Defense, currently João Ernesto dos Santos.
Slovak Armed Forces
The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic were divided from the Czechoslovak army after dissolution of Czechoslovakia on January 1, 1993. Slovakia joined NATO on 29 March 2004. From 2006 the army transformed into a fully professional organization and
Armed Forces of Guatemala
The Guatemalan Armed Forces consists of the National Army of Guatemala, the Guatemalan National Defense Navy, the Guatemalan Air Force, and the Presidential Honor Guard
14th Guards Army
The 14th Guards Army was a field army of the Red Army, the Soviet Ground Forces, and the Russian Ground Forces, active from 1956 to 1995. According to sources within the 14th Army, the majority of its troops came from the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Soviet
Ethiopian Ground Forces
The Ethiopian Ground Forces is the land service branch of the Ethiopian National Defense Force. It is senior of the two uniformed military branches. It engages in land warfare and combined arms operations, including armored and mechanized operations as
Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova
The Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova consist of the National Army and the Trupele de Carabinieri under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Until 2012, the Moldovan Border Police belonged to the armed forces
Commander, Kenya Army
The Commander, Kenya Army is the chief and highest-ranking officer of the Kenya Army The current commander is Lieutenant general Walter Raria
Zambian Defence Force
The Zambian Defence Force is the military of Zambia. It consists of the Zambian Army, the Zambian Air Force, and the Zambia National Service. The defence forces were formed at Zambian independence on 24 October 1964, from constituent units of the
32nd Guards Motor Rifle Division
The 32nd Guards Motor Rifle Division was an mechanised infantry division of the Soviet Ground Forces
Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan
The Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is the name of the unified armed forces of Uzbekistan, consisting of the Ground Force and the Air and Air Defense forces under the defence ministry). Paramilitary units include the National Guard, a Frontier
The Black String (film)
The Black String is a 2018 American psychological horror-thriller film created by Brian Hanson and Richard Handley, starring Frankie Muniz, Blake Webb, Chelsea Edmundson, Richard Handley, Cullen Douglas, Colby French, Laura Richardson, and Mary K. DeVault