Angénieux retrofocus

The Angénieux retrofocus photographic lens is a wide-angle lens design that uses an inverted telephoto configuration. The popularity of this lens design made the name retrofocus synonymous with this type of lens. The Angénieux retrofocus for still cameras was introduced in France in 1950 by Pierre Angénieux.
Komamura Corporation
Komamura Corporation is a Japanese company that most notably manufactured medium- and large-format cameras. The company's first camera, the PC-101, was offered in 1948 as a police inspection camera; this was soon developed into a press camera, the
Sierra de las Cacachilas
The Sierra de las Cacachilas is a mountain range of eastern Baja California Sur state, located on the southern Baja California Peninsula in northwestern Mexico
Porsche Mission R
The Porsche Mission R is a racing vehicle developed by Porsche equipped with a battery-electric drivetrain, first shown at IAA on September 6, 2021. Just as the Mission E previewed the Taycan sports saloon, the Mission R is a preview of a potential
Hyundai i-oniq
The Hyundai i-oniq was a concept sporty three-door hatchback designed and built by Hyundai Motor Corporation that featured a battery electric powertrain supplemented by a range extending gasoline engine, introduced in March 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show
Visalia Transit
Visalia Transit (VT) is the primary bus agency serving residents and visitors to Visalia, the largest city and county seat of Tulare County, California. It is operated by the city through its contractor and offers both fixed routes and dial-a-ride local
Tulare County Regional Transit Agency
The Tulare County Regional Transit Agency (TCRTA) is a joint powers agency formed by all the cities in Tulare County, California alongside the county government on August 17, 2020. It operates the public transportation systems within and connecting the
Memorial Cross Park
Memorial Cross Park, also known as Mission Cross Park, is a small 0.34-acre (0.14 ha) city park in Santa Clara, California which was the second, temporary site of the Mission Santa Clara de Asís, from 1779 to 1784. A large granite cross was donated to
Albert Isen
Albert Isen was the first directly-elected mayor of Torrance, California
The Zeiss Hologon is an ultra wide-angle f=15mm f/8 triplet lens, providing a 110° angle of view for 35mm format cameras. The Hologon was originally fitted to a dedicated camera, the Zeiss Ikon Contarex Hologon in the late 1960s; as sales of that camera
Samuel F. Webb
Sam F. Webb was a politician from Arizona who served in the Arizona legislature for several terms, both when it was a territory and after it became a state. He served in the state house of representatives during the 12th, 14th, and 25th Arizona