Andrzej Lepper

Andrzej Zbigniew Lepper was a Polish politician, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture, and the leader of Self-Defence of the Republic of Poland political party.
Stefan Staszewski
Stefan Staszewski, also known as Gustaw Szuster or Gustaw Szusterman, was a Polish communist politician. An activist in the communist movement from the age of fourteen, he was in the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Poland in
Ludowy Theatre
The Ludowy Theatre in Kraków, located at Osiedle Teatralne housing development in district Nowa Huta, opened on 3 December 1955. At that time in the Polish People's Republic, the official policy of socialist realism in art and social life came to an end
Stefania Grodzieńska
Stefania Grodzieńska was a Polish writer, stage and theatrical actress during the Interbellum; dancer, radio announcer, and satirist known as the First Lady of Polish Humor
Jutrosin pronounced [yuˈtrɔɕin] is a town in Rawicz County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland, with 1,947 inhabitants (2014). The rivers Orla and Radęca converge near the town. Jutrosin received town privileges in 1534
Zdzisław Łukaszkiewicz
Judge Zdzisław Łukaszkiewicz was a member of the Main Commission for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes in Poland upon the conclusion of World War II. The Commission has been replaced, upon the collapse of the Soviet-imposed communism in Poland, with the
Jasień, Lubusz Voivodeship
Jasień is a town in Poland, in Lubusz Voivodeship, in Żary County. It has 4,309 inhabitants (2019
The Montelupi family ennoblement in Renaissance Poland took place on June 22, 1567 in Kraków, at the St. Mary's Basilica. Two brothers, Italian-born merchants Sebastian Montelupi and Karol (Carlo) received the Montelupi (Wilczogórski) Coat of arms
Front for the Rebirth of Poland
Front for the Rebirth of Poland also translated as the Front for a Reborn Poland was a clandestine anti-Fascist organization formed in 1941 in occupied Poland during World War II, by a group of secular Catholics of Warsaw led by Zofia Kossak-Szczucka and
Museum of Zamość
The Museum of Zamość is a registered museum in Poland, founded in the historic city of Zamość in 1926 during the interbellum. It is located in the centre of the Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The exhibition spaces are arranged at the upper
Jakub Landovský
Jakub Landovský, is a Czech politician, lawyer, and university pedagogue, who is currently an ambassador to NATO since 5 August 2019. He had served as the Deputy Minister of Defense from 2015 to 2019