André Morellet

André Morellet was a French economist, author of various writings, contributor to the Encyclopédie and one of the last Enlightenment Age philosophes.
François Morellon la Cave
François Morellon la Cave was a painter and engraver of French origin active in Amsterdam
Prosper Marchand
Prosper Marchand was an 18th-century French bibliographer, who moved to the Dutch Republic in December 1709. He became a famous annotator and publisher of philosophical, religious and historical works, skilled in systematic table of contents and
Alexandre Deleyre
Alexandre Deleyre was an 18th-century French man of letters and translator from Latin. He was a friend of J.J. Rousseau, who used his translations of Lucretius for compositions
Louis Necker
Louis Necker, called de Germany was a Genevan mathematician, physicist, professor and a banker in Paris. He was the elder brother of Jacques Necker, minister of Finance in France when the French Revolution broke out
Jean-Pierre Papon
Jean-Pierre Papon was an 18th-century French abbot, historian of the Provence and of the French Revolution
Pierre Villiers
Pierre Antoine Jean-Baptiste Villiers was a French playwright, journalist and poet
Julien Cain
Julien Cain was the general administrator of the Bibliothèque nationale de France before the Occupation of France by Nazi Germany
Jean-Louis Laya
Jean-Louis Laya was a French playwright. He wrote his first comedy in collaboration with Gabriel-Marie Legouvé in 1785. The piece, however, though accepted by the Comédie française, was never represented. In 1789 he produced a plea for religious
Barbara Buntrock
Barbara Buntrock is a German violist and music educator
Andrei Simonov
Andrei Dmitrievich Simonov was a Russian Armed Forces major general serving as Chief of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the 2nd Army of the Western Military District