Analysis of variance

Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is a collection of statistical models and their associated estimation procedures used to analyze the differences among means. ANOVA was developed by the statistician Ronald Fisher. ANOVA is based on the law of total variance, where the observed variance in a particular variable is partitioned into components attributable to different sources of variation. In its simplest form, ANOVA provides a statistical test of whether two or more population means are equal, and therefore generalizes the t-test beyond two means.
F-test of equality of variances
In statistics, an F-test of equality of variances is a test for the null hypothesis that two normal populations have the same variance. Notionally, any F-test can be regarded as a comparison of two variances, but the specific case being discussed in this
Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods
The Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods is a biannual peer-reviewed open access journal. It was established in 2002 by Shlomo Sawilowsky, and is currently published by the Wayne State University Library System in Detroit, MI. The Current Index
Statistical assumption
Statistics, like all mathematical disciplines, does not infer valid conclusions from nothing. Inferring interesting conclusions about real statistical populations almost always requires some background assumptions. Those assumptions must be made carefully
Robert V. Hogg
Robert Vincent ("Bob") Hogg was an American statistician and professor of statistics of the University of Iowa. Hogg is known for his widely used textbooks on statistics and on mathematical statistics. Hogg has received recognition for his research on
Fiducial inference
Fiducial inference is one of a number of different types of statistical inference. These are rules, intended for general application, by which conclusions can be drawn from samples of data. In modern statistical practice, attempts to work with fiducial
Shlomo Sawilowsky
Shlomo S. Sawilowsky was professor of educational statistics and Distinguished Faculty Fellow at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, where he has received teaching, mentoring, and research awards
ANOVA on ranks
In statistics, one purpose for the analysis of variance (ANOVA) is to analyze differences in means between groups. The test statistic, F, assumes independence of observations, homogeneous variances, and population normality. ANOVA on ranks is a statistic
Statistical theory
The theory of statistics provides a basis for the whole range of techniques, in both study design and data analysis, that are used within applications of statistics. The theory covers approaches to statistical-decision problems and to statistical
John C. Gittins
John Charles Gittins is a researcher in applied probability and operations research, who is a professor and Emeritus Fellow at Keble College, Oxford University
Kostadinka Momirovic
Kostadinka "Kosa" Momirovic [Serbian: Костадинка Момировић] was a Serbian centenarian who was the oldest known living person in Serbia at the time of her death