An American in Paris

An American in Paris is a jazz-influenced orchestral piece by American composer George Gershwin first performed in 1928. It was inspired by the time that Gershwin had spent in Paris and evokes the sights and energy of the French capital during the Années folles.
Salford Jets
Salford Jets are a British rock band that first formed in 1976 and performed until the early 1980s. The band re-formed in 2002
Bobby Mitchell (singer)
Bobby Mitchell was an American, New Orleans-based, rhythm & blues singer and songwriter
Leon Roppolo
Leon Joseph Roppolo was an American early jazz clarinetist, best known for his playing with the New Orleans Rhythm Kings. He also played saxophone and guitar
Baron Bliss
Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, 4th Baron Bliss, commonly known as Baron Bliss, was a British-born traveller who willed nearly two million Belize dollars to a trust fund for the benefit of the citizens of what was then the colony of British Honduras
Waltz Suite (Prokofiev)
Sergei Prokofiev composed and compiled his Waltz Suite, Op. 110, during the Soviet Union's post-Great Patriotic War period of 1946–1947
Richard M. Jones
Richard M. Jones, born Richard Marigny Jones, was an American jazz pianist, composer, band leader, and record producer. Numerous songs bear his name as author, including "Trouble in Mind
Johnny Dodds
Johnny Dodds was an American jazz clarinetist and alto saxophonist based in New Orleans, best known for his recordings under his own name and with bands such as those of Joe "King" Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Lovie Austin and Louis Armstrong. Dodds was the
Frank Teschemacher
Frank Teschemacher was an American jazz clarinetist and alto-saxophonist, associated with the "Austin High" gang
Omer Simeon
Omer Victor Simeon was an American jazz clarinetist. He also played soprano, alto, and baritone saxophone and bass clarinet
Cold Water Cemetery
Cold Water Cemetery (CWC), also known as the Sinks and the Patterson Family Cemetery, is a historic cemetery located at 15290 Old Halls Ferry Road in Florissant, St. Louis County, Missouri. The cemetery is 1.5 acres and was historically most active