Altaic languages

Altaic is a sprachbund and proposed language family that would include the Turkic, Mongolic and Tungusic language families and possibly also the Japonic and Koreanic languages. Speakers of these languages are currently scattered over most of Asia north of 35 °N and in some eastern parts of Europe, extending in longitude from Turkey to Japan. The group is named after the Altai mountain range in the center of Asia. The hypothetical language family has long been rejected by most comparative linguists, although it continues to be supported by a small but stable scholarly minority.
Ural-Altaic languages
Ural-Altaic, Uralo-Altaic or Uraltaic is a linguistic convergence zone and former language-family proposal uniting the Uralic and the Altaic languages. It is generally now agreed that even the Altaic languages most likely do not share a common descent
Nostratic languages
Nostratic is a hypothetical macrofamily, which includes many of the indigenous language families of Eurasia, although its exact composition and structure vary among proponents. It typically comprises Kartvelian, Indo-European and Uralic languages; some
Indo-Uralic languages
Indo-Uralic is a controversial hypothetical language family consisting of Indo-European and Uralic
Central Malayo-Polynesian languages
The Central Malayo-Polynesian languages (CMP) are a proposed branch in the Malayo-Polynesian subgroup of the Austronesian language family. The languages are spoken in the Lesser Sunda and Maluku Islands of the Banda Sea, in an area corresponding closely
Alacalufan languages
The Alacalufan languages or Kawesqaran languages are a small language family of South America. They have not been definitely linked to any other American language family
Kaili–Pamona languages
The Kaili–Pamona languages are a branch of the Celebic subgroup in the Austronesian language family spoken in western Central Sulawesi province, Indonesia
Yawa languages
The Yawa languages, also known as Yapen languages, are a small family of two closely related Papuan languages, Yawa and Saweru, which are often considered to be divergent dialects of a single language. They are spoken on central Yapen Island and nearby
Laiyolo language
Laiyolo (Layolo) or Loa’ is an Austronesian language of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is spoken at the southern tip of Selayar Island and belongs to the Wotu–Wolio branch of the Celebic subgroup
Uralic–Yukaghir languages
Uralic–Yukaghir, also known as Uralo-Yukaghir, is a proposed language family composed of Uralic and Yukaghir
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