Alp Arslan

Alp Arslan, real name Muhammad bin Dawud Chaghri, was the second Sultan of the Seljuk Empire and great-grandson of Seljuk, the eponymous founder of the dynasty. He greatly expanded the Seljuk territory and consolidated his power, defeating rivals to south and northwest and his victory over the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert, in 1071, ushered in the Turkoman settlement of Anatolia. For his military prowess and fighting skills he obtained the name Alp Arslan, which means "Heroic Lion" in Turkish.
Abu Talib Muhammad Tughril ibn Mika'il, better known as Tughril, was a Turkoman chieftain, who founded the Seljuk Empire, ruling from 1037 to 1063
Ahmad Sanjar
Ahmad Sanjar was the Seljuq ruler of Khorasan from 1097 until in 1118, when he became the Sultan of the Seljuq Empire, which he ruled until his death in 1157
Malik-Shah I
Jalāl al-Dawla Mu'izz al-Dunyā Wa'l-Din Abu'l-Fatḥ ibn Alp Arslān, better known by his regnal name of Malik-Shah I, was sultan of the Seljuk Empire from 1072 to 1092
Tughril II
Tughril II was the Sejluk sultan of Iraq briefly in 1132. He maintained power through the support of his uncle, the principal Seljuk sultan Ahmad Sanjar ; when the latter left for Transoxiana to suppress a rebellion in 1132, Tughril II lost Iraq to his
Bombogor inscription
Bombogor inscription is a stele with a Turkic inscription erected in the 8th century in honour of a Basmyl princess (Qunčuy), who might have been married to the Karluks
Ahmad Beg
Ahmad Göde or Gövde Ahmad, commonly known as Ahmad Beg or Sultan Ahmad, was a ruler of the Aq Qoyunlu
Terken Khatun (wife of Ala ad-Din Tekish)
Terken Khatun was the Empress of the Khwarazmian Empire by marriage to Shah Ala ad-Din Tekish, and the mother and de facto co-ruler of Muhammad II of the Khwarazmian Empire
Muhammad II ibn Mahmud
Muhammad II ibn Mahmud (1128–1159) was Sultan of Seljuq Empire from 1153 to 1159. He was son of Mahmud II and brother of Malik-Shah III. The Cambridge History of Iran notes that Sultan Muhammad "tried energetically to restore the slipping authority of
Muhammad I Tapar
Abu Shuja Ghiyath al-Dunya wa'l-Din Muhammad ibn Malik-Shah, better known as Muhammad I Tapar, was the sultan of the Seljuk Empire from 1105 to 1118. He was a son of Malik-Shah I and Taj al-Din Khatun Safariya. In Turkish, Tapar means "he who obtains
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