Alain Connes

Alain Connes is a French mathematician, and a theoretical physicist, known for his contributions to the study of operator algebras and noncommutative geometry. He is a Professor at the Collège de France, IHÉS, Ohio State University and Vanderbilt University. He was awarded the Fields Medal in 1982.
Nathan Fine
Nathan Jacob Fine was an American mathematician who worked on basic hypergeometric series. He is best known for his lecture notes on the subject which for four decades served as an inspiration to experts in the field until they were finally published as a
Herbert Busemann
Herbert Busemann was a German-American mathematician specializing in convex and differential geometry. He is the author of Busemann's theorem in Euclidean geometry and geometric tomography. He was a member of the Royal Danish Academy and a winner of the
Gury Kolosov
Gury Vasilievich Kolosov was a Russian and Soviet mathematician and engineer. He is best known for his contributions to the theory of elasticity. In 1907 Kolosov derived the solution for stresses around an elliptical hole in a solid material governed by
Eric M. Rains
Eric Michael Rains is an American mathematician specializing in coding theory and special functions
James T. Cushing
James Thomas Cushing was an American theoretical physicist and philosopher of science. He was professor of physics as well as professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame
George F. Bertsch
George F. Bertsch is an American nuclear physicist
Ernest Arthur Freeman
Ernest Arthur Freeman (1900–1975) was an English orthopaedic surgeon
Arthur William Rogers
Arthur William Rogers was a British and South African geologist. He was Director of the Geological Survey of South Africa
Sébastien Boucksom
Sébastien Boucksom is a French mathematician
José de Jesus Filho
José de Jesus Filho was a Brazilian jurist and politician. He served on the Superior Court of Justice from 1986 to 1997 and served as acting Minister of Justice for six days in April 1998. He died on 31 December 2021, at the age of 94