Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Asia. It is located between the Balkans and Anatolia, and covers an area of some 215,000 square kilometres. In the north, the Aegean is connected to the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea by the straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus. The Aegean Islands are located within the sea and some bound it on its southern periphery, including Crete and Rhodes. The sea reaches a maximum depth of 3,544 meters, to the east of Crete. The Thracian Sea and the Myrtoan Sea are subdivisions of the Aegean Sea.
USS Thresher
USS Thresher has been the name of more than one United States Navy ship, and may refer to:USS Thresher (SS-200), a submarine in commission from 1940 to 1945 and in 1946 USS Thresher (SSN-593), a submarine commissioned in 1961 and lost in
RMS Laconia
Two different ocean liners of the Cunard Steamship Lines have been named RMS Laconia. Although one was launched ten years after the other, and was the subject of a TV movie, they are easily confused; they had similar careers, looked the same, and met
German submarine U-74
U-74 may refer to one of the following German submarines:SM U-74, a Type UE I submarine launched in 1915 and that served in World War I until sunk 17 May 1916 During World War I, Germany also had these submarines with similar names: SM UB-74, a Type UB
USS Cole
USS Cole is the name of two ships of the United States Navy;USS Cole (DD-155), a Wickes-class destroyer, launched in 1919. USS Cole (DDG-67) an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, launched in 1995
Dymaean Wall
The Dymaean Wall or Kalogria Castle is a prehistoric acropolis in western Achaea, Greece. The fortress stands in a strategic position on a rocky hilltop, north of the Prokopos lagoon, near the village of Araxos. It was built in the Mycenaean period
Amykles is a village in Laconia, southern Greece. It lies in the plain by the Eurotas river, 6 km south of Sparta, east of the Taygetus mountains, along the Greek National Road 39 from Sparta to Gytheio. It was named after the ancient town Amyclae, the
USS Memphis
USS Memphis may refer to:USS Memphis (1853), was a wooden five-gun crew steamer chartered by the US Navy for the Paraguay expedition and renamed Mystic 14 June 1859 USS Memphis (1862), was a civilian steamship purchased by the US Navy from a prize
Ellinochori, Evros
Ellinochori is a village in the northeastern part of the Evros regional unit in Greece. Ellinochori is part of the municipality of Didymoteicho. It is situated on the left bank of the river Erythropotamos, northwest of the centre of Didymoteicho. In 2011
German submarine U-81
U-81 may refer to one of the following German submarines:SM U-81, a Type U 81 submarine launched in 1916 and that served in the First World War until sunk on 1 May 1917 During the First World War, Germany also had this submarine with a similar name: SM
Margaret Hunt (tennis)
Margaret Lilian Hunt is a South African former professional tennis