Abstinence pledge

Abstinence pledges are commitments made by people, often though not always teenagers and young adults, to practice abstinence, usually in the case of practicing teetotalism with respect to abstaining from alcohol and other drugs, or chastity, with respect to abstaining from sexual intercourse until marriage; in the case of sexual abstinence, they are sometimes also known as purity pledges or virginity pledges. They are most common in the United States among Catholic and Evangelical Christian denominations, while others are nonsectarian.
Evangelical theology
Evangelical theology is the teaching and doctrine that relates to spiritual matters in evangelical Christianity and a Christian theology. The main points concern the place of the Bible, the Trinity, worship, Salvation, sanctification, charity, evangelism
Penitent band
In Methodism, inclusive of the holiness movement, a penitent band is a group of Christians that meets on Saturday night to keep themselves away from temptation and confess their sins. Saturday was the day that the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, had
For All the Saints: A Prayer Book for and by the Church
For All the Saints: A Prayer Book for and by the Church is a breviary used in the Lutheran tradition. It is used daily to pray the canonical hours at fixed prayer times. It is bound in four volumes and follows the lectionary of the Lutheran Book of
TourBeat is a service that aggregates "concert tickets from around the web" and provides a database of "information and insights related to the music industry." Its service differs from others that dispatch concert tickets in that it does not resell
Sabudana papar
Sabudana papar is a crisp flatbread from the Indian subcontinent, being a type of papar. It is commonly served as a street food in India and Pakistan, as well as during festivals
Communion of Nordic Lutheran Dioceses
The Communion of Nordic Lutheran Dioceses are Lutheran dioceses that entered into schism with their Scandinavian national churches in 2003 due to what they perceived as "the secularization of the national/state churches in their respective countries
Honourable Order of Jerusalem
The Honourable Order of Jerusalem is an ecclesiastical decoration conferred by the World Methodist Council. It is one of the highest distinctions in Methodism. The Honourable Order of Jerusalem was created to “honor individuals whose service to the
District Conference
In many Methodist Churches, a District Conference is a unit of church organisation with respect to hierarchy
Chancel flowers
Chancel flowers are flowers that are placed in the chancel of a Christian church. These chancel flowers are often paid for by members of a congregation as an offering of thanksgiving to God. Chancel flowers are often placed upon or adjacent to the altar
Stephen Tarabalka
Stepan Ivanovych Tarabalka, in English media also referred to as Stephen Tarabalka, was a Ukrainian military officer, a pilot and a major in the Ukrainian Air Force. He served during the Russo-Ukrainian War, including the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine