Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus. An abortion that occurs without intervention is known as a miscarriage or "spontaneous abortion" and occurs in approximately 30% to 40% of pregnancies. When deliberate steps are taken to end a pregnancy, it is called an induced abortion, or less frequently "induced miscarriage". The unmodified word abortion generally refers to an induced abortion.
Abortion and mental health
Scientific and medical expert bodies have repeatedly concluded that abortion poses no greater mental health risks than carrying an unintended pregnancy to term. Nevertheless, the relationship between induced abortion and mental health is an area of
History of abortion
The practice of abortion—the termination of a pregnancy—has been known since ancient times. Various methods have been used to perform or attempt an abortion, including the administration of abortifacient herbs, the use of sharpened implements, the
Abortion–breast cancer hypothesis
The abortion–breast cancer hypothesis is a pseudoscientific belief that having an induced abortion can increase the risk of getting breast cancer. This hypothesis is at odds with mainstream scientific opinion and is rejected by major medical
Religion and abortion
Numerous religious traditions have taken a stance on abortion, but few are absolute. These stances span a broad spectrum, based on numerous teachings, deities, or religious print, and some of those views are highlighted below
Abortion in the United States
Abortion is legal throughout the United States and its territories, although restrictions and accessibility vary from state to state. Abortion is a controversial and divisive issue in the society, culture and politics of the U.S., and various anti
Abortion debate
The abortion debate is the ongoing controversy surrounding the moral, legal, and religious status of induced abortion. In English-speaking countries, the sides involved in the debate are the self-described "pro-choice" and "pro-life" movements. Pro
Priscilla K. Coleman
Priscilla Kari Coleman is a tenured full Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She has published a number of articles claiming a statistical correlation or causal relationship between abortion and
United States anti-abortion movement
The United States anti-abortion movement contains elements opposing induced abortion on both moral and religious grounds and supports its legal prohibition or restriction. Advocates generally argue that human life begins at conception and that the human
Late termination of pregnancy
Late termination of pregnancy describes the termination of pregnancy by induced abortion during a late stage of gestation. "Late", in this context, is not precisely defined, and different medical publications use varying gestational age thresholds. In
Kostadinka Momirovic
Kostadinka "Kosa" Momirovic [Serbian: Костадинка Момировић] was a Serbian centenarian who was the oldest known living person in Serbia at the time of her death